Gemma Eggleden - Step by Step Post Graduate Diploma In Integrative Counselling & Therapy
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Counselling and Therapy Services In Peterborough

 If you are struggling with life or specific issues counselling and therapy may be the right step forward to resolving problems. Having trained at post graduate level as an integrative counsellor and therapist, I have a sound knowledge of different theories and approaches such as; Humanistic, psychoanalytical, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I also use integration drawing from skills including; Gestalt and Transactional Analysis (TA) this list is by no means exhaustive and allows me to plan your counselling and therapy tailored to your needs and time frame.
Having worked within the NHS for several years in Emergency department, then bereavement services and more recently in the private/charity sector, Drug and alcohol services and now with children with severe disabilities and life limiting illnesses providing support for the children and their parents. This experience has given me the right skill set to provide excellent integrative counselling and therapy, please feel free to take the first step and contact me to discuss your needs.

Bereavement & Loss –

 Whatever your loss is; a loved one, child, partner, job, pet or health and self image, these can be challenging and difficult times, Counselling can help you understand the grieving stages and allow you to have time and a safe environment to express the multitude of complex feelings you may be experiencing

Post Natal Depression-

 Pregnancy has a massive physical impact both during and after. It’s psychological impact can be overwhelming. From baby blues to post natal depression, counselling can help you with the emotional changes and help you understand the dynamics of your new family.

 Anxiety & Depression-

 All of us at some time will experience anxiety and depression, counselling can help understand what may be the causes and teach relaxation techniques, coping strategies by providing a safe  environment to discuss and explore feelings.


Self Harm-

 If you find yourself thinking about self harm or actively self harming, counselling/therapy can help you manage and support you in finding more constructive ways in dealing with extremely  distressing feelings within a safe environment.

Domestic Violence & Abuse-

 Counselling can help by providing a safe place to explore and understand some of the feelings associated with abuse such as; guilt, worthlessness and anger. It will also help with understanding how the abuser can cause psychological harm, how to identify potential abusive patterns and situations in the future

Trauma (PTSD)-

 From life threatening/altering experiences we may find ourselves re-living the trauma, Flashbacks, insomnia, nightmares and anxiety can be crippling causing extreme distress. Counselling & therapy can equip you with knowledge and understanding of how and what your individual triggers are and how to use grounding techniques, relaxation skills providing you empowerment

Drugs & Alcohol-

 For many people the the road to recovery is difficult and will involve drug and alcohol services, counselling can be a successful adjunct§ in understanding some of the reasons contributing to addiction and changing cognitive and behavioural patterns to help recovery be permanent.
Step by Step with Gemma Eggleden – Post Graduate Diploma In  Integrative Counselling & Therapy.
British Association Counselling Psychotherapy (BACP) Registered
Post Grad Dip in Integrative Counselling & Therapy
Fully Insured
Based in Glinton/Peterborough, also available for telephone Counselling.
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Gemma Eggleden - Step by Step Post Graduate Diploma In Integrative Counselling & Therapy
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