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Our aim is to make health and safety as simple as possible. We’re here to support your business and supply you with the much needed information that could help prevent an accident or help once an incident has occurred. Each service is different depending on your business, we will cater our service to suit the needs of your business. There are many misconceptions and rumours regarding health and safety out there and we are working to make sure that we focus on¬†protecting employees or others who may be affected by activities carried out from any short or long term health conditions the right way.

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The owner of our business, Neil has had more than 15 years of experience in managing and developing safety routines across a spread of different industries such as transport, logistics, retail, manufacturing and warehousing. Before that, Neil was responsible for the wellbeing of 140 employees so he is very experienced in the field and knows the ins and outs of health and safety legislation.

Our services cover a variety of different topics such as we can provide your business with a fire risk assessment if need be. We can provide support and training for your business with health and safety. If you have a position at your company that will be overlooking and managing all of the health and safety aspects of the business then we can also provide full training and support for them too. If you would like to see in more detail on exactly what we can support you with then Click Here and find all the extra information you need on our website.

We now provide E-Learning courses which work great as providing a warm up if you are going to be attending one of our courses. They cover a few different topics such as fire safety, manual handling, food safety and of course health and safety. These courses are convenient for the user as they can do them in their own time online. Visit our website to look through the different e-courses that are available and find out more information.

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Health And Safety Peterborough

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