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What is the Metaverse? If you haven’t been hiding under a rock then you have probably heard of the term Metaverse. Its been thrown around in the digital world as a breakthrough in futurism and science fiction. People like Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella speak about it being the future of the internet. We aren’t talking about the alternate universe from the Marvel movies. This is one of those ideas that you imagine coming to life years into the future. But the reality is that we may not be so far away. The idea is that a virtual world, possibly a universe is created. By using VR and augmented reality technology we will be able to create avatars and navigate this world ourselves. There will be endless possibilities and socially you will be connected to people from all over the world. Think of it as an immersible 3D version of the internet now.

The idea is still to new and fresh to define what it will truly be. But contemplating what it could become is an exciting thought. I mean, if you let your imagination run wild with ideas, there are some crazy possibilities. Imagine being at a live concert with people from all corners of the Earth but completely digitally from your own home.

What Is The Metaverse Peterborough?

The speed that technology is evolving at is somewhat scary. If things like the Metaverse are becoming a reality then who knows what could be next. It’s exciting and at the same time nerve-racking. The term is super vague and no one knows how it will be structured. It’s similar to when the idea of the internet came around in the 1970’s. People could only guess at what will truly happen.

The Metaverse has been pegged to be an $800 billion market by the year 2024. Tech giants such as Meta, Microsoft, Apple and Google all investing large sums of money to make it become a reality. Facebook have even changed the name of their company over to Meta. There has to be some correlation there right? However, there are other big brains such as Elon Musk who says that he can’t see a compelling use-case for a VR driven Metaverse.

There will be multiple Metaverses, it won’t be just one. Companies such as Facebook will be be trying to establish themselves with their own. Meta (Facebook) actually has their own already and Microsoft aren’t far behind. But what we should see is that a bunch of other Metaverse open up which are decentralised.

The Future Of Gaming

With gaming being such a huge industry in todays world. It’s easy to see how there are high hopes for gaming in the Metaverse in the future. With blockchain being integrated it means that you could possibly own plots of land and even digital assets (NFT’s). You could own a house in this virtual world the same as you could in the real world. There will be multiple worlds that you can enter and if you needed to get to the other side of that world then it would only take a second and you could be there. Games such as Fortnite could be so much more interactable. There could be tournaments and competitions held which you need to travel to as your avatar to enter. Meet up with your squad mates on the way. A game such as GTA already has a pretty like like world. You could be dropped right in the middle of it but actually feel like it’s you and not yourself just controlling a character.

We would love to hear what your thoughts are on this. If you want to send us an email then you can do so with the email address below. Where do you think this is going to go in the future? Could users become to immersed in this world that they wouldn’t want to leave.

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What Is The Metaverse?

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