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Manu recycling started her life as a seamstress doing alterations and repairs to clothing and she still does. However today her passion is twofold one is saving the planet from all of the plastic bags in particular which are virtually impossible to recycle and take up to 1000 years to degrade. So what can we do with this eyesore and blight on the earth this poisoning of our oceans? Well if you’re Manu you can turn it into amazing art. Her repertoire is almost as big as the problem we face. We offer handbags, clothing, storage, ornaments, wreaths, decorations, wall art, rugs, floor art and more.

It’s not just plastic bags however Manu also works her wonders with paper from magazines and other such printings which again a very difficult if not impossible to recycle. So once again she works her crafty magic and produces some truly exceptional pieces of art which can also be used.

Her handbags and shopping bags have proved to be a big success and rather unique way of recycling these old plastic bags. They are bright bold beautiful and useful in her own way. Manu is saving the world one plastic bag at a time.

The legacy we are leaving our children is a world full of rubbish trash and plastic toxins poisoning the Earth and the oceans now. It would be foolish to say that one person can put the planet to write but even more foolish to say to do nothing is the way forward. Manu has chosen to use her talents and skills to recycle and reuse what others throwaway and turn them into awesome pieces.

If you’re looking for a unique gift, because she makes nothing twice, or if you’re looking to buy something for somebody who really is the eco-warrior what better could you choose them. Manu also shares her passion and knowledge with workshops and classes and is heavily involved with the Portuguese community in Peterborough.

For more information contact us via Facebook messenger or feel free to give us a text. We’ll be happy to hear from you.


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