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Roland Burt grew up as part of a large Caribbean family in Yorkshire and from the very beginning was destined to be an Artist. His passion for painting and making things from anything and on any surface was how he expressed himself and was his sanctuary. His Grandfather was a well-known Artist on the island of Dominica in the West Indies so its in his genes and part of who he is and why he is.

Early on he was given the name Djibo which in his mothers native tongue means “Many Lights” It did not matter what was happening Roland AKA Djibo was always smiling. It is this spirit and joy, which drives him now to share his love of art colours and how it can lift the human spirit taking us on a journey with a storey. Djibo’s passion is not just for his art but also for any and every-bodies art in particular the local children from Peterborough and the surrounding villages schools. He works with many local schools and is very passionate that in this time of cut backs and austerity that teaching art and allowing children to explore their feeling through art workshops is invaluable for producing free thinkers and well rounded people. Djibo also works closely with Charities and nursing homes to spread the joy love and freedom that art gives that we all need as human beings.

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Right now more than ever Djibo feels we need to connect with others and ourselves in a way that in the modern world we seem to have stopped doing. Painting, drawing, sculptures, dance, song and music is in all of us and for Djibo it is as essential as oxygen. Djibo however does not shy away from technology he embraces it and uses it in his Art and encourages students in his Art workshops to explore and use technology experimenting and mixing many mediums and resources.

How to describe his Art? Is a big question that requires a big answer it is big, bold, subtle, beautiful, raw, colourful and with out question it will challenge all who see it and take their breath away. Come on a journey through colour, texture, and exotic lands and be lost in the joy that is Djibo Art

Djibo lives and breathes art and provides all of us the opportunity to join him on his journey in some way.

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Djibo is displayed and distributed on-line and via his studio Carribean Shack and Van Hage where you can see his amazing garden art. The Wood End Gallery and The Stamford Gallery also exhibit his Art and he regularly has pop up exhibitions around the city and frequently the Art from his workshops and his Art can be seen at the Peterborough Visitor Information centre. You can see Djibo’s partners by Clicking Here.

Djibo can also be heard on the PCR 103.2 Bunday Brunch Radio Show and City Buzz.

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