In today’s hectic life, the peace, serenity and joy a garden can bring is an absolute must and for many their own personal oasis. Unfortunately the very reason a garden can be so valuable and therapeutic is the very reason many of us don’t have the garden we want or deserve. A garden not only takes effort hard work and knowledge but for all to many of us that rare and precious commodity time!

Fencing, Landscaping And Other Gardening Services Peterborough

BE gardening can take the stress out of gardening and give you the oasis you deserve at a cost which will surprise you. Providing a host of services and with over 60 years of experience and a life time of loving gardening Bryan has amassed a knowledge and understanding of gardening that impresses, but more importantly he loves it.

Nothing gives Bryan more pleasure than to be given a piece of barren unkempt and unloved land. For him to work his magic and give you the garden you deserve. Then for those of you who really struggle with the busy hustle and bustle of modern day life BE gardening offer a full maintenance package as well to keep your garden lush green and healthy.

So whatever your needs let BE gardening be your solution Bryan is able to offer any and all of the list below and much more.

  • Garden Planning Landscaping and Instillation
  • Fencing
  • Patios
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Garden Advice
  • Planting Advice
  • Lawn Care
  • Hedge Care

Covering Peterborough City and surrounding towns and villages further travel considered for larger jobs.

It really doesn’t matter what size shape, soil type, or special requirements you may have. We will have the right garden and plants for you whatever your needs.

In the first instance please contact Bryan on his mobile (07955929396) or text please bear in mind that for safety reasons if driving or operating power tools or machinery Bryan will not be able to answer but please leave a message and he will return your call.

If you have any questions or what further advice please do not hesitate to contact Bryan at BE gardening let them love your garden too.

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