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At school I was told I couldn’t paint. I spent years crafting. I then decided to give painting another go. It turns out I can paint and I firmly believe we all can. Once we accept that we all paint like the individual that we are and we do it for the pure joy of painting without being our biggest critic and approach each picture as a learning experience and not a masterpiece we can paint with the childlike abandon we all yearn for. Come visit our artist studio to see what I mean.

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If you feel you just want to join a group of likeminded people, you can already paint or you want to improve your skills, come along to a group session and join in. We are a relaxed informal group who just paint whatever we like while chatting and helping each other out if needed.

My approach to teaching you to paint is to try and get you to see painting as fun. Play with colour and tools. We don’t necessarily use brushes or canvas, in fact for the first few weeks we probably won’t. I want to save you from making expensive mistakes (like I did). You don’t need all the shiny products, it’s nice to have them when you know what they do and if you are actually going to use them but hold off for a while. Use the tools and equipment at class, I will recommend a few basics to get you started but you don’t have to buy them, let’s see if you are enjoying yourself first.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my studio and to The Thistles and visit regularly to join us at a class or watch a demonstration or just for a coffee and a catch up. Encaustic painting is an ancient technique used by modern artists, known as hot wax painting, involves using heated beeswax with added damar resin (from the tree canarium strictum) and coloured pigment.

The process starts with applying the wax to a wooden surface in layers, with every two or three fusing them together with either a flame or a heat gun to bond them completely. Depth can be built through the layers of colour and scraping away areas to reveal amazing patterns and textures.

Many encaustic artists strive for a glass like finish to their work but I love to see the textures and imperfections within the wax, sometimes it gives a different dimension to the pieces. It’s even possible to encase objects within the wax to add varying dimension and texture.

Artist Studio Peterborough

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