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Are you looking for catering for friends at your home or in the local village hall, a cake to celebrate a special occasion. Or even a fully bespoke catering service for a special celebration, in and around the Peterborough area. Ananaspatessarrie have it all covered Carla Lopes has been in love with cooking since she first watched her grandmother and her mother in the family kitchen as a small girl. Her love for cooking is obvious and infectious, her African and Portuguese heritage along with her raising her children as a single mother in the UK mean her food is tasty exotic and when needed frugal.

Ananaspatesserie’s many pop-up restaurants have proved to be a huge success and her inspirational menus a delectable delight to your tastebuds. Her pop-up restaurants are based on seasonal availability of fresh produce Reducing the field to fork carbon footprint. She is fully trained in food hygiene standards and her kitchen complies with all food safety and hygiene regulations and inspected regularly by the local authorities.

Carla’s cooking has inspired her to help others and she does an awful lot of community work and charity work, working with the young, the elderly and the homeless. As a member of the Portuguese community based in Peterborough she’s well-known and well loved for her hard work and dedication to others. Her ability to make amazing meals from a few and limited ingredients and on a budget for her a necessity at times. Is now something she willingly shares with her popular budget cooking workshops proving to people that you don’t need expensive ingredients to make a tasty meal. Carla also runs cooking classes proving Food made with love always taste great.

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Cakes have always been a favourite with Carla and her customers And over the years she has put smiles on hundreds of children with her awesome home-baked birthday cakes. Seasonal cooking is very much at the heart and ethos of Carla‘a cooking. The pineapple lady as she is known uses seasonally available products to their best advantage. Her many pop-up restaurants also reflect not just what is grown locally but also what’s happening in and around the city. Her Christmas dinner always being a firm favourite with regulars and new customers.

Business meetings with sandwiches and chocolate crispy can at the best of times be fuel. The frequently boring tasteless and uninspiring, let Carla provide some tasty treats to keep you smiling and make the meeting more memorable and your staff happy.

Carla at Ananaspatessarrie is very approachable and her cooking always tasty if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact her via the contact details listed below.


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