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Things To Do In Peterborough

The city is well known for its heritage sites. There are many historic attractions that draw visitors here. It is also billed as one of the fastest growing cities in the UK. Regeneration programs are bringing in new and exciting projects to its parklands, waterways and beautiful open spaces. There are shops, leisure facilities, and outdoor attractions a-plenty in Peterborough. This offers families, couples and visitors some great days out.

Having so much open space and luscious countryside to explore, there are lots of outdoor activities to get involved in. Find family friendly attractions in the Fens, Nene Valley, and John Clare Country to explore, both on land and on water. Some that come to mind include kayaking, go-karting, speedway and swimming. Golf is very popular with the beautiful surroundings you find here. You are within easy driving distance of other popular destinations in the east of England, such as Cambridge, Ely, and Stamford.

There are several large parks in and around Peterborough, including Ferry Meadows Country Park and Nene Park, which offer opportunities for walking, cycling, boating, and other outdoor activities. There’s a lively nightlife scene, with numerous pubs, bars, and nightclubs to visit. Watch a variety of shows, including plays, concerts, and comedy acts at one of the local theatres.

Peterborough Cathedral

The cathedral is one of the finest cathedrals in the whole of England. Founded in 654 AD as a monastic community, it quickly became one of the most significant medieval abbeys around. The purpose of the Peterborough Cathedral is to glorify god, inspire people with the good news of Jesus Christ and to build God’s kingdom while spreading peace around the world. The Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul and St Andrew is a very powerful sign of the christian faith and still to this day is a living and working church and has been since it was founded. Visitors come from all over to see this landmark. Between Monday and Saturday you are able to head inside and see some of the outstanding architecture.

The cathedral is home to a number of important features, including the tomb of Catherine of Aragon, the first wife of King Henry VIII. Other notable features include the painted nave ceiling, the medieval wooden choir stalls, and the intricate stone carvings throughout the building. Get a tour through different parts of Peterborough Cathedral to learn more about it’s heritage. Explore the towers in the upper levels which we hear is an unforgettable experience. Check out the Nave ceiling or the Hedda stone which has been there since AD 870. Find more information about the cathedral here – Peterborough Cathedral.

Flag Fen

Want to take it back even further than the Cathedral? Then you want to head over to Flag Fen. Flag Fen is an archaeological site located near Peterborough in Cambridgeshire. It is a Bronze Age site dating back to around 3500 years ago, during the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age periods.

The site is named after the fens or marshy wetlands in the area, and was discovered in 1982 during the construction of a new road. It consists of a wooden causeway, which was used to cross the marshy ground, and a platform made of timbers, which is thought to have been used for ritual purposes.

The wooden causeway is about a kilometer long and was built using oak planks, which were driven into the marshy ground with wooden stakes. The platform is made up of more than 60,000 timbers, which were placed in a series of rows to create a raised area of land. The platform is thought to have been used for rituals, such as offerings to the gods, and possibly as a place for burials.

One of the most significant finds at Flag Fen was a well-preserved wooden wheel, which is thought to date back to around 1300 BCE. This is one of the earliest examples of a wheeled vehicle in Britain and provides important evidence of the technological advancements of the Bronze Age.

Flag Fen is now a popular tourist attraction and has a visitor center with displays and exhibits about the site’s history and archaeology. The site is also open for guided tours, allowing visitors to explore the causeway and platform and learn more about life in the Bronze Age.

Peterborough Museum

Located in the heart of the city the museum has a fascinating glimpse into the city’s history and is housed in a beautiful Georgian building. The museum’s exhibits cover a wide range of topics, from local history to art and archaeology. Some of the most notable exhibits include a gallery of art and artifacts from the local area, an interactive display on the history of Peterborough’s famous cathedral, and exhibits on the city’s role in the development of the railway.

In addition to its permanent exhibits, the museum also hosts a range of temporary exhibits and events throughout the year, including talks, workshops, and guided tours. Visitors can also enjoy the museum’s cafe, which serves a variety of hot and cold drinks, snacks, and light meals.

One of the museum’s most popular exhibits is the “Victorian Operating Theatre,” a recreation of a typical operating theatre from the 19th century. Visitors can see authentic surgical instruments and learn about the often-gruesome medical practices of the era.

Retail And Shopping

As you’d expect from any large city there is an excellent opportunity for shopping! Peterborough has a selection of spectacular shopping centres and a city market. This is showcasing a great mix of big brand stores, cute boutiques and independent retailers. There are dedicated late night shopping opportunities too – a shop-a-holics paradise!

Here are some of the top places to go shopping in Peterborough:

  • Queensgate Shopping Centre: The largest shopping center in Peterborough, Queensgate has over 90 stores and restaurants, including popular high-street brands such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, and Next.

  • Serpentine Green Shopping Centre: Located in the nearby town of Hampton, Serpentine Green offers a wide range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

  • Rivergate Shopping Centre: A smaller shopping center located in the heart of Peterborough, Rivergate has a variety of shops and restaurants, including a cinema.

  • Cathedral Square: A bustling pedestrianized square in the city center, Cathedral Square is home to a variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants, as well as regular markets and events.

  • Westgate Arcade: A historic shopping arcade with a variety of independent shops and cafes, as well as regular events and exhibitions.

  • Bridge Street: A popular shopping street in the city center, Bridge Street has a variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants, as well as a regular market.

  • The Arcade: A recently renovated shopping arcade in the city center, The Arcade has a variety of independent shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Overall, Peterborough has plenty of shopping options to suit all tastes and budgets.

Eating Out

What city would be complete without some world-class waterholes and eateries? Peterborough caters for a diverse audience in its many restaurants, cafes and take-aways. There are plenty of pubs and bars to choose from too. Peterborough has a wide range of dining options, including a variety of international cuisines, traditional English pubs, and fine dining establishments, making it a great destination for foodies.

Enjoy a delicious meal in one of the elegant restaurants the city has to offer or chill out at home and get the food ordered in. You will be spoilt for choice either way. You can head over to our ‘eating out‘ category to see which diners, cafes and restaurants we have listed here on Things To Do In Peterborough.

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